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Our Policies

Information Security

We, as CMS Group and employees, are striving hard by targeting to be a role model in our sector in terms of Information Security as well with the purpose of managing all kinds of risks towards our assets attached to our business sustainability and business processes by following the principles below:

- To perform the documentation process required by the standard, by establishing Information Security Management System in conformity with ISO 27001 Standards; to document them and to ensure continuous improvement of this process;

- To comply with all the legislative regulations and contracts pertaining to information security.

- To manage the risks directed to the business processes systematically.

- To realize the trainings that will develop the technical and behavioral capabilities to increase business security awareness.





As the first light alloy wheel manufacturer in Turkey and one of the leading firms around the globe in this industry, CMS aims to continuously develop with an efficient Environmental Management System by providing all resources necessary for achieving environmental principles and goals at all stages of its manufacturing and service activities starting from raw material selection.

In order to reach this goal we commit;

To meet all the expectations of all associated parties related to work processes affecting environmental management system and all legal requirements regarding environment

To assess the environmental impacts directly or indirectly affected by our organisation with a risk oriented approach

To take responsibility for consequences related to waste management and environmental impacts in the context of our environmental management system

To achieve the goals regarding environmental management system that we planned and to provide the funds for the encouragement of continuous development of it,

To reduce our Carbon Footprint with the awareness that climate change can have direct and indirect long-term effects on our production activities and supply chain,

To work within the scope of energy efficiency and to consider renewable energy opportunities,

To reduce water consumption by using water resources effectively,

To produce in a way which has a minimal effect in the air and water quality during our activities.

To use technical and financial facilities to sort wastes at the source, to conduct studies to decrease the use of natural resources and to monitor and control results of such measurement efforts in order to prevent pollution and protect the environment;

To make production with least harm to the environment with the processes of selection, usage and waste of chemicals with awareness of chemical management responsibility,

To provide all necessary resources like trainings, information, etc. to ensure participation of all interested parties in our Environmental Management System and to incentivise such interested parties by rewarding their participation;

To focus on the usage of recyclable materials in scope of life-long cycle approach and to prioritise the usage of materials that are not harmful to the environment,

We acknowledge and declare,

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Becoming a leader in our activites with the participation of all our employees, providing services and products that fully satisfies our customers under quality, norm and competition conditions of the world.

For this purpose, CMS;

1. Prioritizes motivation and continuous development of its most valuable asset; employees.

2. Aims to exceed customer’s expectations when offering its products and services.

3. Sets modern management systems and puts them into practice in order to increase technical and financial performance of the organization.

4. Implements the latest technologies and aims to be the innovative leader of its sector.

5. Aims for reliability, continuity and respectability with just in time production principle.

6. Aims the best sectoral profitability in order to create resource for competition, development and investment,

7. Aims to minimize any negative effects of its products on its employees, customers, consumers and enviroment.

8. Aims for the management with processes in its activities within the scope of quality management system.



As the first light alloy wheel manufacturer in Turkey and one of the leading manufacturer around the globe, CMS aims to improve continuously while providing Energy Management System requirements at all stage of its production and service activities, starting from supply selection, by highlighting the study on recycling and weighting of cars for fuel efficiency which is the basis of sustainability in the automotive industry.

In order to reach this aim we commit;
1. To set policy-compliant targets with the participation of our employees, to create actions to achieve these goals, to provide the necessary information and resources by our management,
2. To ensure by the senior management that all information and resources, integrity, availability, accessibility, review and updating of information in order to achieve energy-related goals and objectives,
3. To follow the applicable laws, regulations and other requirements related to energy efficiency, energy use and energy consumption,
4. To ensure the efficient use of natural resources and energy,
5. To use energy-efficient products for the improvement of energy performance, to consider energy efficiency in the purchase of energy services and related design works,
6. To improve the energy performance continuously.


Occupational Safety & Health

As the first light alloy wheel manufacturer in Turkey and one of the leading firms around the globe in this industry, CMS aims at a continuous improvement with proactive approach by providing all necessary technical, financial and human resources in order to create a safer, healthier work environment and minimise losses at all stages of its manufacturing and service activities.

In order to reach this goal we;

• Commit to undertake, establish, operate and continuously improve a system that eliminates dangers at source, prevents the occurrence of work accidents and occupational diseases with the participation of all employees starting with the upper management,
• Assess physical, chemical, biological, ergonomic risk factors and takes protective measures during production and service activities. To encourage all our employees and contractor employees to use occupational safety protective materials,
• Commit assess occupational health and safety effects of new products, facilities, machine and equipment at the project design stage,
• Require compliance with occupational health and safety criteria as a prerequisite in supply of raw materials and ancillary materials used in manufacture,
• Assess risks of fire, natural disasters and other issues that may cause an emergency during the realization of activities that may occur in the workplace and to create an emergency plan which emergency situations and response types are defined,
• Prioritise training of employees, suppliers and contractors in order to raise awareness regarding occupational health and safety,
• Adopt the principle that occupational health and safety improvement activities are the common responsibility of all employees,
• Assure to consider the opportunities to enhance occupational health and safety,
• Comply with all legislations and statutory requirements related to occupational health and safety,




Codes of Business Ethics


Human Resources

Reaching up to the stars…

Our aim is;

  • To have a human resource with high potentiel that is competent in its field, complies with the corporate culture, believes in team work and displays high performance
  • To enable our employees to acquire skills and technical know-how with the continuous development-oriented training applications and competitive development opportunities we offer,
  • To create a transparent work environment that keeps the career developments of our employees in focus with the performance management system we apply, encourages them to be a part of a team targeting high efficiency, cares about them and is preferred due to our fair approach.

Thus, we value the contributions of each team member and share their acquired success.



Handling Customer Complaints

In CMS Group, it is essential to ensure customer satisfaciton by handling any complaint from our customers effectively, efficiently and giving the necessary feedback to them as soon as possible.

We pledge ourselves to be totally objective and neutral while evaluating the complaints, to comply with the all legal requirements, to accept all costs which may occur on our customers side and that we will abide by our customers’ requirements.

All complaints received will be conserved in 100% privacy within CMS group. All required resources including training, will be provided in order to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

CMS group is a company of trust.