Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

This policy emphasizes our CMS Group corporate social responsibility principles as well as the importance and priority of this subject for our administration, employees and all our partners.

CMS accepts to act with consciousness in all social responsibility activities as one of the main and unchangeable elements of the management approach as a part of its values and principles. Within this framework, we expect all our companies that form CMS Group to manage the economical, social and environmental effects in their activities within sense of responsibility and to prioritize the development of the society in their agenda. We determine our social responsibility understanding and our priorities regarding this subject by considering the best for the society and the environment. We pay attention to take a leading role in the activities concerning the protection of the democracy, human rights and the environment. As CMS Group, our Business Ethics Manual, which we prepared under the guidance of our Corporate Social Responsibility Principles, leads us in our way of doing business.

CMS Group which believes that corporate social responsibility principles are among the essential necessities of sustainability, considers providing value for the society it lives in as one of its main responsibilities and in this regard, it carries out activities of social responsibility and sponsorship in many different areas from education to sports, from environment to art.

Our main principles of our social responsibility activities are as follows;

CMS Group Corporate Social Responsibility Principles


1. Human Rights

We respect the Human Rights. We are against forced labor and human trafficking. We treat everyone equally and fairly. We act responsibly regarding the tradition and culture of Turkey and the countries in which we operate, and we comply with all the legal regulations.

We do not discriminate in any aspect of employment based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or other characteristics.

We don’t accept the discrimination in language, race, color, sex, political opinion, faith, religion, age, physical disability or other similar characteristics in the corporation.

We, as CMS, believe that all our employees have the right to work in a healthy and safe environment in working conditions complying with human dignity. Our employees are our most valuable assets and our primary business goal is to ensure and protect the safety of our employees.

We believe that our human resources unit is the most important element of the sustainable growth. Full and accurate performance of the personal rights of our employees is implied. We are honest and fair in our relations with our employees and ensure a non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment.


2. Working Conditions

2.a. Prevention of Child Labour
Child workers cannot work at any stage of production. The enterprises must comply with the age limit prescribed in the practices of ILO on child labour. This age limit must not be under the age of the children who are at the end of their compulsory education and must not be under 15 years of age in any circumstances. However in countries where economical and educational opportunities are less developed, a lower age limit is applicable. In such countries the age limit is 14.

2.b. Wages and Social Services, Working Hours
Wages and social services, minimum wage, overtime and other social services mandated by law shall be determined in accordance with the related applicable basic principles. Working hours must comply with the applicable laws. Overtime should be done only in cases where the employee volunteers for it and the employee should be given the right to have at least 1 day off after 6 consecutive working days.

2.c. Right to Work Freely
Forced or compulsory labour is prohibited. The employees should be entitled to terminate the employment contract within an appropriate time frame.

2.d. Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining
Our employees should be able to discuss frequently the working conditions with the management without fear of its consequences of any kind. They have the right to become a member of labouur union, to delegate and to be elected as a representative.

2.e. Health and Safety
The corporation provides the safety of employees and the protection of their health at work at least within the legal framework and it will work continuously to improve the business environment.


3. Business Ethics

3.a. Prevention Corruption
The highest levels of integrity is expected in all the business activities and relations. Any kind of corruption, bribery, blackmail and abuse is strictly forbidden.

CMS will not tolerate trading money or gifts for influencing the behaviour of another person, organization, politician, government officer or authority in order to ensure any commercial and personal interests under any circumstances. The bribery will not be allowed even in countries where bribery is tolerated.

3.b. Eliminating Discrimination
Exercising discrimination on the employees regardless of its kind is prohibited. Putting people into a disadvantageous position because of their sex, race, social group where they belong, color, disability, labouur union, political view, origin, religion, age, pregnancy will also be considered as discrimination.


4. Environment

We responsibly manage the environmental impacts that may arise as a result of any of our activities. All our companies are obliged to determine and implement any kind of improvement and development activities which will reduce the environmental impacts of their activities pertaining to their activity areas. In our company, ‘ISO 14001 Environment Management System’ is applied.

CMS aims the sustainability together with an effective environment management system by providing the necessary technical, financial and human resources in order to reach the principles and targets concerning the environment during raw material selection and in every stage of the production and service activities.

We expect from our companies to apply the best environmental solutions beyond the legal regulations and to sustain all kinds of initiatives which will help the development and diffusion of eco-friendly technologies and increase environmental awareness.


Responsibility and Application

In our corporation, all our managers and employees are responsible for the corporate social responsibility applications.

CMS employees and or partners must notify the official reporting channels about the behaviours which they acknowledge or suspect that violate this regulation. CMS prohibits the reprisals that might occur against the reporter of any violation.