Reaching up to the stars…

Our aim is;

To have a human resource with high potentiel that is competent in its field, complies with the corporate culture, believes in team work and displays high performance

To enable our employees to acquire skills and technical know-how with the continuous development-oriented training applications and
competitive development opportunities we offer,

To create a transparent work environment that keeps the career developments of our employees in focus with the performance management system we apply,
encourages them to be a part of a team targeting high efficiency, cares about them and is preferred due to our fair approach.

Thus, we value the contributions of each team member and share their acquired success.



How Can I Apply?

To be a part of CMS, you should apply via “” for open positions or fill up a “General Application” form. 

The applications are evaluated fairly in accordance with qualifications and competencies specified in ads for open positions.

You may also send your cv to [email protected]

What Should I Expect in the Employment Process?

We select and place candidates who will embrace our corporate values and culture, and has the occupational competence, through an objective evaluation process.

For the blue-collar employment process we use;

Competence based interviews,
Technical skill test in accordance with the position requirements

For the white collar employment process we use different methods according to the position. These are;

Competence based interview
Personality inventory
General aptitude tests
Foreign language test
Simulation tools

How will I Improve Myself?

We try to enable our employees to adapt to the company faster in terms of behavioral and technical aspects by orientation programs -“I started working at CMS” for the new blue-collar employees and “My new career CMS” for the new white-collar employees covering leadership skills, communication, team-work, corporate culture, company principles, quality, performance and continuous improvement.

We apply “Leadership and Development Programs” to improve the experts, managers and prospective experts and managers at all levels excluding those in the standard training programs and support the development of our employees.

How can I make a Difference?

We create development and training plans to ascertain the potentials of our employees by evaluating them with the interviews made once a year with our Performance Evaluation System. This way, we have the opportunity to compare both their technical and personal competence targets with their current performances and give feedback about these subjects.

What kind of Rights will I have at CMS?

For all positions defined in our organization, with our job evaluation system that evaluates not the person but the job, forms a basis for employment, promotion, salary and additional rights, we provide our employees with competitive salary system and additional rights  in accordance with the job requirements.

  • We offer full health insurance coverage opportunity for the white-collar employees, including also the family according to the position.
  • We include our white-collar employees in the company and employee integrated “Individual Pension” plan.
  • We offer some real and financial benefits such as allowance for high days, footwear support and annual leave for all of our employees in specific periods.
  • We provide the transportation of our employees via service vehicles.
  • We offer food service in our facilities for all shifts.
  • Apart from the salary and additional benefits, we strengthen our corporate communication by increasing our motivation by holding cultural and social activities for all of our employees.


Job Application Form

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Internship Applications

CMS provides internship opportunities for university students both to determine the candidates that can be employed in the future and to strengthen our cooperation with universities.

Only compulsory internship applications are evaluated.

The curriculum vitae (CV) of the applications are examined and evaluated, the candidates that pass the pre-elimination are placed in accordance with the work loads, needs and also the trainee quotas of the departments’.

The internship applications from students of Universities and vocational colleges are accepted until the end of March. After the evaluation, an e-mail which includes the result of the application, the period of training, the department, in which facility the training will take place, necessary documents and the matters to be considered, is sent to the accepted candidates.

Sorry for not applying at this time, internship applications are made every year between February 1 and March 15.