Over 100 million wheels produced...

CMS Jant ve Makina San. A.Ş.


Starting manufacturing aluminum alloy wheels for automobile manufacturers ( OEM ) in 1980,  CMS, is one of the leading wheel manufacturers of the world in the sector of “Light Metal Alloy Wheel”, as a company implementing high technology and innovations.

Having the manufacturing capacity of approximately 3 million wheels annually, Pınarbaşı plant, the headquarters of CMS, is situated on a total area of 32.175 square meters 20.944 square meters of which is closed area.

Çiğli Plant was established in 2003 on a total area of 69.215m2. The production capacity of this plant is approximately 2,5 million wheels/year.

CMS GmbH, one of the sales companies of CMS Group, was founded in 1997 in Germany (Frankfurt) and has been one of the important players of aluminum wheel sector.

The awards and the certificates that CMS Group has acquired in various branches since 2000 are the proof of its success formula namely; close observation of the global market, being open to new ideas, believing in corporate governance, focusing on success and planning, committing to innovations and being aware of its social responsibility.

Our Vision;



as CMS,

  • We aim to be the fastest and most reliable solution partner for our customers.
  • We care for our employees.
  • We consider all our stakeholders as our partners.
  • We believe that our future relies on having educated, knowledgeable and competent human resources and on improving them.
  • We maintain honesty in all our relationships with our business partners, customers, employees and shareholders.
  • We practice a participatory management approach.
  • We apply cutting-edge business processes and technological innovations.
  • We respect the law and nature, and are aware of our social responsibilities.
  • We acknowledge that CMS Companies are trusted institutions and thus act accordingly.






 “Wheel is a safety part that is vitally important.
It should also be designed to impress at a first glance.”

Our founder chairman Tonguç Ösen highlighted the importance of
our job with these words and also stated that all employees should respect and
adopt the principles below in order to
manage our business.





Trade Mark
CMS Jant ve Makina Sanayii A.Ş.

Trade Registration Number
1287-k-1699(Pınarbaşı Facility-Centre)
160548(Çiğli Facility)
215672(Çiğli -2 Facility)

150.000.000 TL(Fully Paid)

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