CMS is the 3rd biggest wheel manufacturer of Europe

Quality Tests

Wheels are the safety parts of automobiles that have vital importance. Being aware of this responsibility, we put our products through tests and analyzing processes starting from design. The tests we listed under five main titles below are the warranty of CMS quality and reliability.

Mechanical Tests:


Wheels should have such endurance that they will not cause any accidents, due to material fatigue or when it is exposed to an impact. Mechanical tests are the tests used to analyze whether our products have fatigue and impact resistance characteristics suitable for the vehicles they are designed for.

a. ZWARP Fatigue

b. 130 impact Test

c. 900 impact Test

d. Radial Fatigue Test

e. Rotary Fatigue Test

f.  Biaxial  Rotary Fatigue Test

g. Rim Flange Yield Test

Metallurgical Tests:


Chemical composition of the aluminum alloy used in our products as well as the metallurgical features after casting are important factors that affect the safety of the product. Therefore, our products and raw material are analyzed in CMS laboratories in terms of their chemical and metallurgical structures.

a. Optical Emission Spectometer

b. Micrographical Analysis

c. Macrographical Analysis

d. TensileTest

e. Hardness Test – (Brinell,Rockwell,Vickers)

f.  Charpy Impact Test

Color & Gloss Tests:


Brightness of the paint of the wheel and the color values are controlled both visually and by means of technical measurements according to its referenced color plate.

a. Paint Color Inspection (Spectrofotometer)

b. Paint Gloss Measurement (Glossmeter)

c. Paint Color Visual Tests

Paint PerformanceTests:


Endurance of the paint against the road and climate conditions are tested by referring to quality specifications demanded by the customers.

a. Paint Adhesion Test

b. Paint Thickness measurement 

c. Paint Hardness measurement

d. Stone Chip Resistance Test

e. Low Temperature Resistance Test

f. Salt Spray Test

g. CASS (Copper-chloride Accelerated Salt Spray) Test

h. Climate Test

i. Water Immersion Test

j. Steam Jet Test

k. Paint Chemical ResistanceTests

Dimensional Measurement:



These are the measurements realized to provide guarantee for our products for conformity with the dimensional measures and the surface sensitivity they are designed for.

a. 3-D Dimensional Measurement

b. Surface Roughness Measurement