One Drop of Blood Means One

We have been organizing campaigns since 2009 with KIZILAY (Turkish Red Crescent Foundation) who visits our 4 facilities on a regular basis, with the slogan ''We can not restore life, but we can restore your wounds”,

As of 2016, blood donations of our 1115 employees from a total of 32 Blood Donation Teams was accepted. During the ceremony held in our facility in Çiğli, Mr. Dr. Burak Yurdakul, Blood Center Director, presented to our 9 employees the medals of voluntary blood donors after the speech of thanks to the CMS Family.

Each year, we are increasing our support for Kızılay by means of the fundraising campaigns, which we organize three times every year.



Alper Çizgenakat State Hospital

Under the leadership of CMS Board Member Mrs. Cavidan Ösen, Board Member of Çeşme Alper Çizgenakat Hospital and also who is known publicly as a charitable person, CMS, provides yearly support for the hospital.

Aiming maximum community benefit with social responsibility projects, we have donated 3 Nebulizer devices to the Hospital.

Nebulizers help especially young children and other patients who cannot adapt to the ingestion of measured drug intake by medication through steam. An important service of the hospital has been supported with this donation. Construction f the hospital's wireless internet connection (wi-fi) has been undertaken as well.

Furthermore, CMS performed renovation of the dental polyclinic and continues to support the hospital every year according to their needs on a regular basis.



İzmir Dr Behçet Uz Children’s Hospital

Since 2010, CMS Group has been making donation to İzmir Behçet Uz Children's Hospital on a yearly basis within the scope of the social responsibility projects on health.

As a part of the project that we started in 2010, the cardiac surgery floor has been renovated and renamed after CMS Board Member Mrs. Cavidan Ösen.The revision of the compressed air device of the hospital's intensive care unit, inpatient wards and operating rooms have been made, respectively.




The mining disaster that occurred in Soma district of Manisa has deeply affected our country and all people around the world. Most families living in Soma have been affected from the disaster in both spiritual and material aspects. With the hope of necessary precautions to be taken for preventing future occupational accidents, we have extended our support by making donations and food supplies on behalf of the CMS Family.

Sağkal Association – Hope Workshop

Sağkal Association – Hope Workshop is building free guesthouses for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and need to stay in İzmir for long periods during their treatment.

As CMS, we contributed to this project by renovating one of their guesthouses located in Izmir, Alsancak.