“Wheel is a safety part that is vitally important.
It should also be designed to impress at a first glance.”

Tonguç Ösen
CMS Founder Chairman


Design & Product Development

CMS In addition to  Turkish market, CMS branded wheels are sold to the European market via CMS GmbH firm in Frankfurt Germany. CMS branded wheels are manufactured under the same quality standards at the same facilities with the original equipment wheels which accounts for 95% of total production. CMS is a member of international organizations like ETRTO and has been working in cooperation with German TUV laboratories. The technical data of almost all vehicles existing in the market has been collected in the CMS’s database  with the experience and knowledge of producing  original wheels for leading automobile manufacturers as well as being in cooperation with all international organizations in the field for 35 years.

The main principle in the design process of the CMS wheels,  with the help  of the technical data has been accumulated over the years, is designing aesthetic models that have equivalent quality characteristics to the original equipped wheels without sacrificing security.