The Doğanlar Hüsnü Bornovalı Secondary School Donation Project

The renovation of Doğanlar Hüsnü Bornovalı Secondary School project initiated by our deceased Founder Tonguç Ösen in 2003 and is still carried on by CMS Group in collaboration with its employees.

In order to provide a clean and  hygienic environment for students, toilets of the school were renewed, the cultural centre and the entyre building has been painted.

In cooperation with the school, the project continues by providing needs of the buildings, school and students every year.

Doğanlar Hüsnü Bornovalı Ortaokulu



CMS Teknik Eğitim Merkezi 

Technical Education Centre

CMS Group has introduced the Apprenticeship and Technical Training Center on May 5, 2015, established to train qualified personnel for its own organization and develop professional skills of the employees within the group.

At the Apprenticeship and Technical Training Center, operating in the Lodos Teknik’s facilities (a subsidiary of CMS), trainees are not only given technical courses such as casting, machining, paint shop, maintenance and quality, but also courses on occupational safety, human resources, communication, stress management and motivation.

Within the framework of vocational and operator training programs, CMS will also organize additional training in this facility for inexperienced or less experienced staff such as graduates of secondary/high school. Successful candidates are expected to be employed in the production centres of CMS.

It is aimed to train a total of 240 operators each year in the Technical Training Centre.