CMS is the 3rd biggest wheel manufacturer of Europe

Quality Policy

CMS, Turkey's leader and one of the world's leading manufacturers of light metal alloy wheels, operates in accordance with all applicable standards and legal requirements at every stage of production and service activities, from raw material selection to meeting customer requests and expectations. In line with its goals, it invests in systems that incorporate new technologies, provides all necessary resources, and adheres to continuous improvement principles.

In line with our strategies, we prioritize product safety, environmental conditions, and energy efficiency. Under our management systems, we conduct zero-defect work on our wheels by researching and applying new technologies and quality techniques to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. 

We work with relevant stakeholders and business partners in every country where our wheels are distributed, taking into account financial, operational, corporate, and economic conditions.

We continuously review our compliance by adhering to all legal and standard requirements for quality, safety, and performance, as well as meeting customer expectations.

We make decisions based on analyses of all collected data and information.

We provide an environment where our employees can express themselves as participants, sharers, and creators, and continuously improve themselves.

We provide timely information to our customers with transparency, accessibility, responsiveness, accountability, privacy, continuous improvement, and objectivity principles, utilizing all resources to propose and deliver solutions, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

We adopt a collaborative approach to create customer value with our suppliers by ensuring they also embrace our corporate ethics and sustainable principles, and customer-specific requests.