Environmental Wheel with Flow Form Technique

CMS Jant fabrika

CMS Group started to use Flow form installation on Gaziemir Facilities last month as the first wheel manufacturer company in the world to use this technique. CMS is proud to be the first in its sector.

CMS Group made a new investment and installed the Flow Form Technique, which is used for a wide range of areas, to its facilities. This installation on CMS Gaziemir Factory is seen as a new line of work. The facility costed approximately 2 Million € decreases the fuel consumption, with the operation of spinning to lighten the tyres of the wheels. In other words, a vehicle using the CMS wheel manufactured with flow form technique releases less CO 2 .

Berat Ösen, the Ceo of CMS: “Flow Form is a technology we have been following since 2007. We’re proud to be the first to use this technology on aluminium alloy wheel sector. Furthermore, the best point for us is that the wheels to be produced with this technology will decrease the emission and the fuel consumption and contribute to environment. It must be everyone’s duty to learn and apply the environment-friendly technologies.”

CMS Group, operating in 3 different points in Izmir with its facilities in Pinarbasi, Cigli Ataturk Organized Industry Zone and Gaziemir Aegean Free Zone, has been registered to manufacture 6 Million 300 thousand wheels in 2012. The wheel leader whose manufactures are 83% export-led has been on its way to fulfil the innovative Technologies, with its over 2000 workers.

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