We deliver our wheels to over 100 destinations in Europe.

Maintenance - Repair - Assembly


Clean the wheel by water and detergent using a soft brush(or sponge, etc.). Abrasive surface cleaners and chemicals which contain solvents damage the wheel paint/coating. Protect the wheels from impacts of rigid objects and avoid collisions with curbstones.


ETRTO (European Tyre and Wheel Technical Organization) Standard does not recommend reparing and using defected wheels. Do not perform operations such as welding, forming, machining, painting and enlarging the wheel bolt or hub holes.


When assembling the wheels, use correct CMS bolt/nuts and CMS hub rings as designated in application table.Make sure that the botls/nuts are clean and there are no other materials in the bolt holes. (Do not use grease etc.,for assembly)The vehicle should not be moved until the vehicle/wheel assembly is thoroughly controlled.

Tighten the bolts/nuts with appropriate torque. (9-11 kgm) Check the tightness of the bolts/nuts about  500 km after initial assembly.  

ETRTO (Europen Tyre and Wheel Technical Organization) recommends use of a metal valve for tubeless V, W, Y and ZR type passenger car tyres that can be used over 210 km/h.