“Wheel is a safety part that is vitally important. It should also be designed to impress at a first glance.” Our founder chairman Tonguç Ösen highlighted the importance of our job with these words and also stated that all employees should respect and adopt the principles below in order to manage our business.


CMS Group is an organization of trust.

We should strive to ensure that Group employees trust one another and their management.

Our employees; particularly managers and directors; should treat each other amicably and with tolerance.

We are a group that knows to share. We share our achievements as well as our failures.

When making contact with customers be gentle and natural. People understand one another better when they talk face to face. Try to come face to face with customers.
To be a good administrator, you must also know how to follow up. Do not forget to constantly check and follow up on your job.
Love solves all problems as long as you love people.
Every human being is good. You just need to find their better side.
The one who runs fast, wins.

A Good administrator is the one who feels and sees what’s going on around them.

A virtuous person is who forgives those who wrong them.
When you deceive, you are the one that’s being deceived.
Every person has the right to win, but not disgracefully.