“Wheel is a safety part that is vitally important. It should also be designed to impress at a first glance.” Our founder chairman Tonguç Ösen highlighted the importance of our job with these words and also stated that all employees should respect and adopt the principles below in order to manage our business.


CMS Group is built on trust.

We should make the utmost effort to ensure that our Group's employees trust each other and to the company management.

All employees of our Group, especially the executives and and the managers, should approach to one another in a friendly and tolerant manner.

We are a Group that knows how to share. We share our failures as well as our achievements.

Be soft and natural in customer contacts. Remember, face to face communication can not be replaced by any-other means. Always try to interact with our customers face to face.
Follow up is what good managers do. Do not forget to constantly monitor and control your work.
Love can solve all problems, as long as you love people.
Every person is beautiful. You just need to find the beauty in them.
The one running fast wins the race.

Good managers are people who sense and see what is happening around them.

The one who forgives those who hurt them is a virtous person.
If you think you are deceiving someone, you are just deceiving yourself.
Every person has the right to win, but not in a disgraceful way.