Wheels of Fiat Egea are from Aegean Manufacturer

Fiat EGEA'nın jantları CMS'den

CMS Group, the Leader Wheel manufacturer of Turkey and one of the three leading manufacturers of Europe, is group A wheel supplier of Fiat Aegean that is manufactured in Bursa plants of Tofaş and which takes its name after the Aegean Sea.

CMS Group has been group A supplier of the alloy wheels of Fiat Egea that is one of the most important automotive projects of the Turkish automotive Industry. The investment made by TOFAŞ for this new model exceeds USD 1.5 billion.

CMS is one of the Group A suppliers of TOFAŞ

Providing about half a million alloy wheels for TOFAŞ, CMS Group has taken its place among Group A suppliers of TOFAŞ with 95,27 score out of 100 as a result of the scoring formed according to MMOG/LE and SQP performances evaluations realized during the year by TOFAŞ for over 150 supplier companies.

CMS is already supplying wheels for Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group companies, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Jeep brands.

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