TOFAŞ Awareded CMS with an A!


The CMS Group, Turkey' s leading aluminum alloy wheel manufacturer  and one of the leading manufacturers in the same field in Europe, was awarded with an "A" by TOFAŞ, due to its successful performance  in 2016.

TOFAŞ announced its report pertaining to the assessment of the performances of the suppliers it collaborated with in 2016. It is stated in the report that Supply Chain Company Performance of CMS that supplied TOFAŞ with aluminum alloy wheels for more than 31 years was assessed as "Group A" after many criteria are taken into consideration during the supply performances throughout 2016. 

The collaboration between CMS and TOFAŞ, the two big companies of Turkey with domestic capital in the automotive industry, goes back to 1985.The process that started with CMS's manufacturing alloy wheels for Murat 131 make of TOFAŞ for the first time has been going on with great success. CMS is already the supplier of alloy wheels for Aegea, Doblo and Fiorino vehicles, being manufactured by TOFAŞ.

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