The First Recipient of Special Prize in the Innovation Category of Toyota Europe is CMS!

CMS Leaves Its Mark on Aygo X and Yaris GR, Receives Special Award from Toyota Europe!
Thanks to "Pad Print Application", CMS is Honored with the Innovation Special Award!

CMS Group, one of the leading manufacturers in the light alloy wheel industry, has added another success to its achievements. CMS has been awarded the "Special Award" in the "Innovation" category, presented for the first time this year by Toyota Europe. CMS was recognized for its innovative and creative approach in developing outstanding performance and quality, as well as aesthetically distinctive wheel designs for the Toyota Aygo X and Yaris GR models. The expertise in Pad-Print application, which enables the transfer of permanent and aesthetic patterns onto various surfaces using different dimensions of silicon, played a significant role in bringing the Innovation special award to CMS.

CMS, which has made a name for itself among the leading wheel manufacturers in the global automotive industry, continues to attract attention with its innovative and proven high-quality products. As an important partner of the automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with its extensive and talented R&D team, CMS has been awarded for its wheel designs developed for Toyota's Aygo X and Yaris GR models, which have become symbols of innovation and excellence in the automotive industry.

Investing since 2014!

This special award is a result of CMS's long-term investments and its emphasis on R&D efforts. The brand reached an expert level in the Pad-Print application, which it started working on in 2014, with a new machinery investment in 2018. With the knowledge and experience gained in this field, CMS Jant successfully implemented one of its most important projects in collaboration with Toyota Europe. The brand continues its work with the goal of providing customers with the highest level of safety, performance, and style. The brand's engineering teams bring a fresh perspective to the automotive industry with the Pad-Print technology that allows the transfer of complex designs onto any type of wrinkled, curved, concave, or flat surface. CMS has previously been honored with numerous awards from Toyota Motor Europe and Toyota Motor Company (TMC) and is the sole wheel manufacturer for the Toyota Aygo X, as well as producing wheels for the Yaris, Yaris Cross, C-HR, and Corolla models.

Numerous new project requests are coming in!

Dr. Ünal Kocaman, CEO of CMS Group, stated the following about the award: "We are extremely proud and happy to be honored with this prestigious award in the innovation category, presented for the first time by Toyota. This award is the result of our long-standing investments and the dedicated work of our teams. While CMS Jant continues its Pad-Print collaborations with many brands such as VW, Audi, Fiat, Renault, we also receive new project requests from various brands in this field. The automotive industry, which is entering a unique and personalized design trend, offers significant market opportunities for concepts that go beyond conventional approaches, such as Pad-Print and plastic inlays. As CMS Group, we will continue to surpass our customers' expectations and provide them with extraordinary experiences by signing many more innovative projects."



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