One More Star From Aegean Exporters' Associations to CMS Group!

At the "Stars of Export Award Ceremony" organized by the Aegean Exporters' Association, 58 companies that contributed $7.6 billion to Turkey's exports in 2022 are awarded.

Aegean Exporters' Unions Coordinator President Jak Eskinazi stated at the award ceremony that 7.377  companies contributed to the export of 18 billion 300 million dollars in 2022 and the stars of export companies realized 42% of this export. 

While CMS Group continues to maintain its success among the companies operating in the automotive sector, it won the “Stars of Export Award” as the company that exports the most in the automotive sector in 2022.

CMS Group, which has won the Stars of Export Award in its sector since 2010, aims to continue to be one of the pioneers of its industry with its success in the future.

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