Financial Strenght of CMS is Proved by Three Different Institutes

CMS Çiğli FabrikaCMS Jant ve Makine San. A.Ş., the third largest light alloy wheel manufacturer of Europe, proved its financial stability in both national and international arena. Three different institutions, which are Plimsoll, ISO and Fortune registered CMS’s success officialy.

CMS’s financial aspect, is mentioned as ‘Strong’ amongst other European supplier industries by Plimsoll European Analysis. Furthermore, CMS ranked 132 in the list of “Turkey’s 500 Biggest Industry Institutions Analysis” which is done yearly by İstanbul Chamber of Industry. Additionaly, Fortune magazine announced CMS as the 33rd company in terms of return on equity in first 500 list.

CMS, provides Toyota Group (Toyota and Lexus), VW AG (Audi, Bentley, Seat, Porsche and Volkswagen), Daimler Group (Mercedes Benz and AMG), PSA Group (Peugeot and Citroen), Fiat Group (Lancia and Alfa Romeo), Renault Group (Dacia and Nissan) and BMW brands with wheels abroad, continues to rise its position day by day by combining its 32 years of experience and new technologies. The company’s financial success is registered officialy by the international research institution called Plimsoll.

Plimsoll, values companies financial situations and prepares industrial reports since 1987, mentioned CMS Jant ve Makine San. A.Ş. as ‘STRONG’ in its 2012 European Analysis. According to the report, CMS’s performance is ranked 229 between the 500 biggest supplier industries of Europe.

Also the report warns, other 102 companies at risk and declares that one third of the industries are near bankrupt becuase of increasing rival business.

İstanbul Sanayi Odası’nın, Türkiye’deki sanayi kuruluşlarının 2011 yılındaki üretimden elde ettikleri net satış verilerini inceleyerek yaptığı derecelendirmede CMS Jant ve Makina Sanayi A.Ş., bir önceki yıla kıyasla 26 sıra yükselerek 132’nci sırada yer aldı. Böylece rakiplerini açık ara farkla geride bırakan CMS, Türkiye jant sektöründeki birinciliğini korumaya da devam etti.

CMS ranked 132 in the list of ‘ISO 500’

İstanbul Chamber of Industry valued the 2011 profit and sales of Turkish industrial establishments. And announced CMS as 132 between 500 companies. By rising 26 level up CMS, continued to protect its leadership amongst other wheel manufacturers. Apart from that, Fortune magazine announced CMS as the 33rd company in terms of return on equity in first 500 list.

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