CMS with Best Design

CMS C12 Design Turkey İyi Tasarım Ödülü

One of the “Well Design Prize” granted in the category of Transportation and Carriage Vehicles in the organization of Industrial Design Prizes held under the name of Design Turkey, belongs to CMS.

In the organization held firstly this year, CMS which achieved to take place with 504 (Alfa Romeo) and CMS C12 (CMS 492 AFM Porsche) models among the finalists evaluated in 13 categories, deemed worthy for one of the “Well Design Prizes” with its CMS C12 ( Porsche AFM ) design in the final.

Design Turkey which is performed in two categories as Production Design and Conceptual Design Prizes, evaluates the Product Design category in three different fields; Well Design Prizes; Superior Design Prizes and TURQUALITY® Design Prizes. Berat Ösen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of CMS said; “We challenged with 13 valuable designs in the Transportation and Carriage Vehicles category. We succeeded to be finalist with our 2 models. We highlighted functionality and usability in the designs of both models. And we fulfill the principles of aesthetics, no harm to human health, security and to environment which are among the criteria of the organization. Finally we received one of the two prizes."

Design Turkey Industrial Design Prizes, is a design evaluation system organized with the cooperation of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade, Turkey Assembly of Exporters and Industrial Designs Occupational Organization within the TURQUALITY® program to reward the well design observing the needs of users in Turkey, bringing in added value and competitive superiority to the product in export and national market.

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