One more ABC Award 2022 The World of Mobility to CMS!

The ABC Awards, organized every year by the German Design Council, was held this year with the participation of the major companies of the industry.

The CMS Design Team applied for the award with the C33 model, the newest member of its product range, and won the "Winner" award in the "Automotive Parts and Accessories" category at the ABC Award 2022 The World of Mobility.

CMS was awarded by Automotive Brand Contest held by the same council in 2018 with the "Winner" award with its C25 model in the category of "Automotive Parts and Accessories". ABC Awards are given to the bests of the automotive industry by an internationally respected jury in the categories of design, innovation and branding. CMS, holding its 2nd ABC Award with its superior design and engineering power, has taken its place among the giants of the industry this year as well.


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